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Our Leadership

Laura L. Philips


Laura is a LICSW, Intrinsic Coach with 30 plus years experience as a social worker, licensed in 1997 as Mental Health Professional. Laura has provided crisis and counseling services in multiple locations across the seven metro counties. Conducted diagnostic, bio-psychosocial and risk assessments. Provided crisis intervention, therapeutic interventions, treatment planning, disposition planning, crisis stabilization and follow up services. Conducted and provided telephone triage, intervention and/or consultation with individuals or service agencies experiencing a mental health emergency. Provided support and prevention services to adults with SPMI, youth that are SED, and/or violent. Completed PASRR evaluation and documentation as required for pre-admission screening to determine appropriate nursing facility placement. Provided consultation and completes annual residential reviews. Laura has provided mental health consultation to professionals in the community including first responders in mental health emergencies. Conducted critical incident stress management debriefings and defusing to clients. 

Alice Kegler

ILS Director

Alice Kegler started her career in the Adult Foster Care industry in 2000. She spent over 6 years managing group homes and training personal care assistants while earning her degree in healthcare management. Alice brings passion, understanding and management experience that is vital in an effort to facilitate measurable results for her clients. Alice can be reached at the following: